Meridian Air Company, a leading Russian business jet operator, for the first time this year ventures into Geneva EBACE exhibition that is informally considered “the main event of the European market”. The company is coming to Europe with a solid wealth of competence, expertise and skills. As CEO of Meridian Air Company Mr. Vladimir Lapinsky views it, the time has come for the operator to join the international market with a most respectable offer of high-quality service. Indeed, for the past few years Meridian has become the main newsmaker in the Russian business aviation market, often astonishing the public with extent of the job done.

In the beginning of the year the operator received EASA authorization upon early completion of a long-term procedure proving the airline`s compliance with PART-TCO (Third Country Operators) requirements. Then, just a month ago the first international ceremony “Sapphire Pegasus. Business Aviation Award” took place in Czech Republic where the companies of Europe, Middle East, North Africa and Russia won awards for excellence in business aviation. Meridian, the first one in the history of the event, became the prizewinner in the nomination “Business Jet Operator – 2015”. However, that`s just the tip of the iceberg where the main achievements of the company are hidden, i.e. experience and people.

“Many of our colleagues find Meridian`s efforts annoying. Why do you need so many auditors, we would hear day after day? There is quite a simple explanation to that. Our company has focused on quality, so there is no room for compromise. For this very reason, we are constantly developing in the sense of compliance with the highest requirements of the market. After receiving both Air Operator Certificate (AOC) and Private Operator Certificate, we gained authorization of the International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (IS-BAO), then, in three years we advanced from Stage 1 to Stage 2. Our specialists faced a challenge of high international standards, and certain requirements being even higher than those ones the Russian commercial operators should obey. We made up our minds to advance progressively rather than rush violently into it. We underwent a preliminary audit half a year prior to authorization that revealed gaps in our work. We had sufficient time to eliminate them; rest assured we never considered them in a formal way. Tried and tested procedures work most efficiently, our auditors acclaim. The very moment we achieved IS-BAO Stage 2, a most sensible decision followed up – such quality level should become the norm. Therefore, we are proud of our accredited achievements. Sure, this requires power and assets; nevertheless, it is worth it. I would like to emphasize that we appreciate sound support of our shareholders in this matter. Through the highest quality policy, Meridian appears attractive and competitive on the market”, Vladimir Lapinsky says.